MWIMPP is a charitable organization helping to reduce food and water insecurity for children.

Our Team

Athieno Uganda

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to serve, Athieno is on the ground delivering food and water to families in need. Having herself grown up in an impoverished environment she works to provide assistance and a better life for herself and others. MWIMPP is the launching pad for Dalia, a businesswoman and model in her own right. Athieno Tours is her newest venture. The queens of MWIMPP can be your personal tour guide on your visit to their country. Reach out to her for more information on booking.

Israel United States

Israel is a wordsmith. This hidden gem has completed her first novel. She brings a fresh young eye, digital media and in-depth literary composition skills to the team. She graduated high-school a year early and has big dreams. She has the voice of an angel, and spent several years gracing the stage in theatrical productions. And she is not done yet. She's a self-starter, and MWIMPP is eager to showcase her greatness.

Ja'La Ghana

A true social activist at heart, Ja'La stands for all that MWIMPP embodies. She's always known herself to be a queen. Her passion for the arts developed in the United States and has only widened as she now resides in Ghana. As she searches for her calling and purpose, MWIMPP is grateful to embark with her on the journey to find it.

Njoki Kenya

Njoki is the epitome of perseverance. She loves working hard to achieve what she wants in life. She brings a brilliant mind and feminine charisma to the team. She has that infectious energy that just draws people to her. This Kenyan beauty is an aspiring model. With MWIMPP supporting her and her insatiable work ethic, she'll get there.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

Helen Keller

Waithera loves business. Business and management excite her to no end. These are the areas where she thrives. She currently is employed in the dental field. Just one more area where she excels above the rest. With a beauty that matches her brains, success is sure to find her. MWIMPP has found her.

Waithera Kenya
Owomugisha Uganda

Owomugisha has always had an eye for fashion. She loves to take the thoughts and views of her client, and combine it with her own to make masterpieces. MWIMPP welcomes this fashionista into our family with open arms.

The brilliant beauty, Nalunkuuma, is all about life...literally. There's nothing she loves more than helping mothers bring life into the world safely. As she continues her studies of midwifery, she brings her energetic life to MWIMPP. And we love it.

Nalunkuuma Uganda

This beautiful being with a powerful voice loves modeling and entertaining. Whether it be by song and dance, or her acting skills... Kusasira feels at home when she's center stage. MWIMPP is proud to be her stage.

Kusasira Uganda

Mwende is currently studying to become a certified accountant, but also dreams of starting a thriving online beauty business in Kenya, focusing on nails, makeup, and women's clothing. Eventually, she hopes to expand into real estate. Her goal is to achieve financial independence to support her family. MWIMPP is here to make her vision a reality.

Mwende Kenya

Mudduwa loves water and the skies. Her beautiful talents will help her to see plenty. Acting, modeling, and singing are just a few of those talents to mention. Cruises and flights galore are in store for this beauty. MWIMPP will make sure of it.

Mudduwa Uganda

Muthoni is a skilled mathematician. Her degree allows her to teach all levels of math up through high school. As much as she loves numbers, she loves modeling and acting more. Every love comes after being a mother to Zoey. MWIMPP welcomes her family into ours.

Muthoni Kenya

The Kenyan beauty, Cherotich, has always loved being in the spotlight. In front of the camera is where she excels in both modeling and acting. Her desire is to use her talents to help her people. MWIMPP welcomes and embraces her talents.

Cherotich Kenya

"Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

Andrew Carnegie

Ndinda Kenya

Ndinda loves helping others. She also has a love for all things cosmetics and beauty. She wishes to begin a business that will include all three of her loves. MWIMPP is here, happy and willing to help her achieve her business goals and so much more.

Nabagereka Uganda

Women's health is what Nabagereka is passionate about. This Ugandan beauty is beginning her journey with midwifery. Once accomplished, her goal is to be a gynecologist with her own practice. She will help women all around the world. MWIMPP believes in her dream.

Ngaruye Rwanda

She wants to be Miss Rwanda. Beauty is her dream. The French-speaking beauty, Ngaruye, loves modeling...of course. Fashion and design are a couple of other interests. And of course there's MWIMPP. We are proud to be represented by, and to represent, a future Miss Rwanda.

Mutonyi Uganda

Mutonyi loves and lives beauty. This model makes beautiful cakes for her customers. And she loves applying their beautiful make-up too. Mutonyi is a hands-on person with beautiful dreams, and she finds joy in music and dancing. We are thrilled to have her as part of our team at MWIMPP.

Tsaknakis Rwanda

The lovely Congolese Greek, Tsaknakis, has a fondness for carpentry. It's more like a love affair. Manufacturing, crafting, creating... for as long as she can remember, she's wanted to own a furniture company. She brings her beauty and business mind to MWIMPP with hopes of realizing her dreams. We welcome the opportunity to assist in making those dreams a reality.

Feza Democratic Republic of the Congo

This beauty from the Congo is all about communications and business. She looks forward to being a social media influencer and an international media star. She wants to shine a light on the goodness of the community. It is more than safe to say that Feza will fit right in with MWIMPP perfectly.

Wangare Kenya

Where beauty meets intelligence you'll find Wangare. This Kenyan beauty is really smart. In approximately one year, she will have her Masters of Science in Biochemistry. Did we mention she's really smart? MWIMPP loves and welcomes intelligent people. Welcome aboard Wangare.

Nshuti Rwanda

This Rwandese jewel is ready to shine. She's a philanthropist at heart. Her dream is to open a public school for those of Rwanda who can't afford education. She wants to be a role model to women. MWIMPP enthusiastically extends a warm welcome as she joins our team.

The beautiful Muringi is a teacher by profession. She is a businesswoman at heart. Her dream is to open a spa, where women can pamper themselves and buy clothes. She's an expert with hair, most especially braiding. Her determination is fueled by the love for her son, Divine. MWIMPP is ecstatic to welcome she and her inspiration aboard.

Muringi Kenya
Nzisa Kenya

There isn't much that Nzisa doesn't know about hair. What she doesn't know, she's always learning. This Kenyan beauty has aspirations of turning her knowledge of hair into a salon...possibly one of many. With her son, Kulture, serving as a daily reminder of greatness...Nzisa is ready to shine. MWIMPP welcomes her light.

Kyambadde Uganda

Energetic and talented, Kyambadde models and acts...but caring for children is her true passion. From a very young age, this Ugandan beauty, has wanted to become a pediatric nurse. She absolutely loves children and hates seeing them in pain. She will find a way to make a positive change. As she continues her studies in nursing, she brings her kind-hearted energy to MWIMPP, where she can begin changing the lives of children for the better.

Nelima Uganda

Self-driven and confident, the Ugandan beauty Nelima, loves supporting other women. She has big dreams of being a successful business woman. Already she is an entrepreneur. She loves beauty and sales. She excels at using her mind and time wisely. MWIMPP is honored to have this future business magnate as a member.

Ochieng Kenya

Art is Ochieng. Ochieng is art. This Kenyan beauty loves everything to do with artistry. Already a make-up artist, she wishes to find herself in cinematic make-up...most especially in the realm of special effects. When she isn't doing make-up, her next choice of art is artistic modeling. She aspires for world-renowned success in both areas. MWIMPP looks forward to helping this enthusiastic beauty, as she builds on top of the success that she already is.

Seleman Tanzania

Tanzanian beauty...Seleman. There's not much that makes her happier than cooking. Born with a tongue made for combining spices and testing herbs, Seleman can't wait to be a chef. A Master Chef with her own TV show is one of the many visions MWIMPP will help her to fulfill.

Kuguminkiriza Uganda

The Ugandan beauty, Kuguminkiriza, has always wanted to be a surgeon. From a very early age she has always known that she wanted to help fix people. When she isn't partaking in her studies towards her long-term goal, she's building a fashion brand. The fashionable surgeon is who she will be. MWIMPP is so excited for her.

Wangui Kenya

It's the beauty of art that excites the gorgeous Wangui. She finds and sees the beauty in everything. Each day she admires the beauty of her first true inspiration...Alto, her lovely daughter. Whatever beauty Wangui sees in life, she gives it some of her own life through magnificent drawings. After her daughter, art is truly her passion. Alto and art were her everything. Now she looks forward to creating a different kind of art with MWIMPP. We look forward to being the canvas of her next masterpiece.

Mwihaki Kenya

The beautiful Mwihaki loves helping people. She especially loves helping women. She's always wanted spas that focused on their relaxation and healing; the first would be in her country of Kenya. Until that first spa is built, she wants to help build women in other ways. She'll visit the impoverished and help feed them. Of course, that's right up our alley; MWIMPP looks forward to providing her with an opportunity to help even more people.

Nalwanga Uganda

Beauty and body...this Ugandan Queen is the epitome of everything MWIMPP. With the intelligence to become a future anesthetist, and the gorgeousness to be a social influencer at the top of her game...Nalwanga brings her talents to MWIMPP. And with enthusiasm, we receive.

Nabwami Uganda

The lovely Nabwami is dedicated to serving others through her studies. She's starting with at-risk infants, eager to support the delicate beginnings of life as a future neonatal intensive care nurse. Her aspirations don't stop there; she plans to advance her career as an anesthetist. Currently, this is her envisioned path. In the interim, she aims to leverage her social media platform to inspire positive change in the world. As a member of MWIMPP, we couldn't have asked for a more committed ally. Together, we'll shape a better world.

Fatima Tanzania

Bitcoin... Blockchain... Cryptocurrency. Finance is all that the gorgeous Fatima thinks of constantly. Her mind, itself, is a virtual accountant. She studies when to buy, sell, or trade. Investing... stocks and bonds, this business is her heart. She wants to be a top notch investor. Of course, there's no better place to learn than MWIMPP. We look forward to helping her make all of her beautiful dreams...a beautiful reality.

The Sudanese beauty Alakiir is stationed in Uganda. At this time she leads recruiting for MWIMPP as she focuses on becoming a lawyer. Already she's brought on so much talent, and she continues to bring aboard more. We are excited to see the lawyer that she will become, and we will support her the entire way. MWIMPP welcomes her to the family.

Alakiir Uganda: Recruiting
Nyaliep Sudan

Nyaliep, the radiant Sudanese graduate, has completed her high school journey. Now, the doors of the University beckon her towards greatness. With a profound love for numbers, she's set her sights on a career in accounting. But her ambitions don't end there; armed with her accounting degree, she plans to venture into entrepreneurship, utilizing her financial acumen to flourish. MWIMPP admires her business savvy and eagerly welcomes her aboard.

Omowunmi, a native of Nigeria, is deeply rooted in the world of business. Possessing a robust entrepreneurial drive, she has always found solace and passion in this realm. Her ambition is to ascend to the pinnacle of business prowess. In her journey, she has been fortunate to find a patron in MWIMPP, whose eagerness to support her is unwavering. Together, they embark on the path towards her inevitable greatness.

Omowunmi Nigeria
Euphraim DRC: Transportation and Logistics

Euphraim hails from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He's a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Transportation and Logistics management. He leads the helm building shelters in Congo. He is vital to the improvement of the conditions of Congo, as food and products will be delivered through him. His dream is to help his country develop different transportation sectors, in order to facilitate the movement of passengers and goods in security. MWIMPP is honored to have this humble being on the team.

A graduate from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill's prestigious Kenan-Flagler Business School, Isaac is lending his talents to us. He just made his first trip to Africa in March of '23. He wants to redefine the idea off the "crooked" business man. His Global Immersion Studies and collaboration with students in Capetown fueled his passion for social entrepreneurship. At MWIMPP he'll be right at home.

Isaac United States
Our Founder United States

With a degree from Clemson University in Communications, Faith spent a decade working with marketing campaigns for global corporations. She saw some of them squandering resources just for a tax write-off. She felt that there were areas where these vast resources could be put to better use...and she wanted to be a catalyst for that change.

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“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”

– Muhammad Ali

This quote by Muhammad Ali emphasizes the importance of serving others and giving back to the community. It suggests that we all have a responsibility to help those in need and make a positive impact on the world. Service can come in many forms, from volunteering at a local charity to simply being kind and helpful to those around us. By serving others, we not only benefit those we are helping, but we also gain a sense of fulfillment and purpose in our own lives. This quote serves as a reminder that we are all connected and have a role to play in making the world a better place.