Our mission is to empower one another through acts of excellence.

No child should be hungry. Our charitable organization strives to provide food and water to women and children in impoverished communities.

How do we work?

Technology & Innovation
Partnering with Local Communities

Utilizing and leveraging technologies in the developed world, we can provide parents and children with products and services to improve daily life in needy communities. You may have found us through one of our ambassadors on social media.

By nurturing relationships with like-minded organizations and private individuals (like yourself), we're able to unlock new sources of capital and scale up our work far beyond what traditional funding can do alone.

Shaped by decades of experience, we affect change by bringing together real-world solutions, food assistance, and collaborative partnerships.

Finance & Investing

To make a lasting impact, we know that we must actively engage and include the communities we are seeking to help. We are continually learning and growing in how we show up as an authentic, ethical partner.

Social Enterprise

We are a social enterprise. A social enterprise refers to a business with certain social objectives as its primary goal while using a commercial structure to run the organization. A 501(c)(3) is a tax status given by the IRS. You can be a non-profit and not have 501(c)(3) tax status.

What does MWIMPP stand for?

My Wife/Woman Is My Power and Protection

This initiative is based on the premise that a woman in her truth is her partner's power and protection.

Initiatives we are focusing on

photography of people inside room during daytime
photography of people inside room during daytime
Food Insecurity
Ambassador Development

Food insecurity refers to the lack of reliable access to sufficient quantities of nutritious and affordable food. This is a prevalent issue that affects millions of people around the world, leading to malnutrition, hunger, and poor health outcomes. Food insecurity is often caused by factors such as poverty, unemployment, insufficient agricultural production, and natural disasters. It not only affects individuals and families but also has broader implications for communities and societies as a whole. At MWIMPP by tackling the root causes of food insecurity and implementing effective strategies, we can work towards a future where every person has access to adequate and nutritious food.

Being an American-based company, we wanted to start this venture where the dollar would go further. MWIMPP commits itself to helping women and children receive a food assistance. $90 a month is the typical monthly earnings of an individual with a degree in the territories where we operate. By investing in ambassadors, they can create businesses, opportunities, etc. to improve conditions in their respective communities. This not only helps in improving their standard of living, but it also is a way to show appreciation for their efforts. These funds enable them to provide for their families, invest in their future and contribute to the economy.

white and brown desk globe
white and brown desk globe

Your help is instrumental in providing children access to the nutrition they deserve.

Our Partners 

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